Do More with Every Display

This MultiViewer can simultaneously display up to 4x video signals with resolutions up to 4K, which are displayed in seven possible layouts: single, double, triple, quad 1, quad 2, quad 3, or quad 4.  Any input signal can be displayed in any MultiViewer window.

4K Scaling

4K Resolution Scaling

Go Beyond the Limits for More Immersive AV

The DVI-3580a supports a broad range of input signal formats and resolutions up to 4K /60p (4:4:4).
A powerful internal scaling engine provides a range of user-selectable output resolutions up to 3840x2160 /30p (4:4:4).

Seamless Switching

Seamless Switching

Don't Blink

In Single Window Layout Mode, the device provide seamless switching of input signals.  There are no image artifacts during the switching event, which is critical in many professional applications.

Wide Range of Inputs and Outputs

The DVI-3580a accepts up to seven (7) video inputs:

4x HDMI (or DVI), 2x DisplayPort and 1x RGB/YPbPr Analog (VGA).  The selected input signal is routed to two mirrored outputs, 1x HDMI and 1x HDBaseT™.  The DVI-3580a features audio embedding as well as de-embedded audio outputs.  Each video input is coupled with an analog stereo audio input connection. The unit includes three audio outputs: HDMI / HDBaseT embedded audio, 8-channel (7.1) analog audio, and TOSLINK optical audio.  User-adjustable lip-sync correction is provided.

Wide Range of Inputs and Outputs
Inputs Outputs
2x DisplayPort 1x HDBaseT
1x VGA / YPbPr 8-channel (7.1) Analog Audio
7x Analog Stereo Audio TOSLINK Optical Audio
HDMI / HDBaseT Embedded Audio

Application Diagram

Application Diagram

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