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System Tools

DVIGear offers a wide range of specialized system tools to facilitate the design and integration of advanced AV systems.  These products range from adapters and mounting hardware to power management products, test gear, and wall plates.  System designers and technicians will find these products to be invaluable tools for the set-up, installation and operation of cutting-edge digital display systems.

HDMI Adapters
HDMI Adapters are widely used with consumer electronics displays as they carry digital audio and video.  There are no analog signals used in the HDMI format.  more details >
DVI Adapters
DVI Adapters are used most frequently with commercial, industrial and professional applications and are preferred by some due to their locking ability.  Some DVI-I adapters carry both analog and digital signal components.  more details >
DisplayPort Female to Mini-DisplayPort Male Adapter Cable DVI-8610a
The DVI-8610a adapter cable allows products that use a DisplayPort male connector to interconnect with products that have a female Mini-DisplayPort connector.  more details >
Price: $19.95

Mounting Hardware
The DVI-4500-RM is a heavy-duty 19" rack mount tray designed for mounting up to
two (2) DVI-4500 Series switchers in a side-by-side configuration.
Price: $110.00

The DVI-5300-RM is a heavy-duty 19" rack mount tray designed for mounting up to
two (2) DVI-5300 Series splitters in a side-by-side configuration.
Price: $79.00

The DVI-5514-RM is a heavy-duty 19" rack mount tray designed for mounting up to
two (2) DVI-5514 Series splitters in a side-by-side configuration.
Price: $79.00

The DVI-7520-RMK is a full width Rack Mount Kit that allows DVIGear HDBaseT Extender units to be mounted securely within a 19" rack.  The two DVI-7520-PDU units may also be mounted side by side using the DVI-7520-RMK.
Price: $79.00

The DN-100-RMK is a full width Rack Mount Kit that allows DVIGear's DisplayNet™ DN-100 Series Transmitters and Receivers to be mounted securely within a 19" rack.
Price: $79.00

The DVI-7320-WM allows the DVI-7320 Transmitter or Receiver to be mounted securely on a wall or furniture.
Price: $30.00

Power Management
This unit can be used to simplify power distribution to various devices within a rack environment.  The DVI-7520-PDU provides +12VDC power for up to eight (8) products such as DVIGear's DVI-7520/25 HDBaseT Extenders and DisplayNet™ DN-100 Series Transmitters and Receivers.  more details >
Price: $450.00

link to large image DVI-7520-PSX
Power Supply Extension Cable - 2-pin, 3.5 mm pitch Phoenix to Screw lock 5.5 x 2.1mm, 1.6mm
Price: $9.95

Test Gear
This versatile DVI Test Pattern Generator provides access to 28 different test patterns with a wide variety of output resolutions and refresh rates.  more details >
Price: $350.00

This HDMI Test Pattern Generator provides a means to verify the proper operation of HDMI equipment such as monitors and projectors.  The audio content of the HDMI signal can be verified using either internally generated audio or an external audio source.  In addition HDCP and EDID functionality can be analyzed and tested.
Price: $350.00

Wall Plates

DVIGear offers an extensive range of custom wall plates that will simplify and beautify any audiovisual environment.  With over 40 standard products and thousands of custom combinations, DVIGearís line of wall plates allows you to conceal unsightly cables within the wall, leaving only decorative connection points visible.

If we donít have the configuration you need, we can build custom wall plates tailored to your specific application using almost any connector or color imaginable.  We offer over 60 connector types and more than 15 different plate colors.  Since our wall plates are made in the USA, quick delivery is never a problem.  Whether you choose one of our standard wall plates or decide to customize, youíll be pleased with the style and convenience they offer.

Custom Wall Plates
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