What is 4K?

1080p vs. 4K

• 4K resolution is at least 3840x2160 pixels
• Four times resolution of a 1080p image
• Known as Ultra-High Definition or "UHD"
• 4K "cinema resolution" has a wider aspect ratio at 4096x2160 pixels
• 4K resolutions offer more than 8 million total pixels

Power Over HDBaseT (POH)
More Immersive Experience

• Higher resolution offers greater depth, realism and impact.

• Larger field of view delivers more immersive user experience.

Greater Information Density

• Enables larger screen sizes with better image quality.

• Much more information immediately available.

Critical Applications

• High end systems such as command and control centers, CAD environments, 3D virtual simulators, video walls, and others demand the highest image quality.

Source / Display Manufacturers

• Widespread and growing support from content creation community and display manufacturers.

Enormous Growth in 4K TV Shipments*
4K TV Shipments Jump 500% Y/Y

= 100,000 units

4K TV Shipments in 2014 top 6.4 million units

*According to DisplaySearch.com articles from 08/28/2014 and 11/25/2014.

Challenges: Bit Rate

Compared with current resolution standards, 4K requires an enormous amount of data to be transferred at very high speeds:

• 1080p / 60p / 8-bit signal: 1.48 Gbps. per color

• 4K / 30p / 8-bit signal requires 2x bandwidth

• 4K / 60p / 8-bit signal requires: 4x bandwidth

Power Over HDBaseT (POH)
Power Over HDBaseT (POH)

Challenges: AV Infrastructure

• 4K displays are reaching market at lower and lower prices

• PC's and other sources supporting 4K resolutions are now readily available

• Current video infrastructures can't handle data rates required by    uncompressed 4K

• This must be addressed in order to create future-ready systems

Field-Proven 4K Distribution Products

At DVIGear, we've been steadily championing high performance, future-proof video distribution systems for years. Our MXP Series Matrix Switchers (shipping since 2007) can easily support 4K simply by installing our 4K I/O cards we've been shipping since 2013. We offer a complete range of 4K I/O cards for copper, twisted pair, and optical signals. We also offer copper cables, twisted pair extenders, and optical extenders supporting 4K.

Not Just 4K, Forward Thinking

Our products are only half the story. Our system engineers have decades of experience in the design of advanced display systems. We understand that long-term system development isn't really about 4K technology. It's all about forward thinking. Call us today to learn how we can put our experience and products to work in your next AV system.

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DVIGear is a leading supplier of Digital Connectivity Solutions for a wide range of professional and commercial display applications.  Our products solve the most challenging problems in digital video distribution by providing our customers the power and versatility they need to unify diverse AV signal environments.  Regardless of the complexity of your system, our mission is to deliver every pixel perfectly from source to destination.



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