System Management and Control

DisplayNet Server®

DisplayNet Server DNS-20

System Management is Simple, Fast and Powerful.

DisplayNet Server® provides the interface layer required to manage and control the entire DisplayNet system. Since it operates as the interface between the control equipment/software and the connected DisplayNet endpoints, it is a required component of every DisplayNet system.

The server includes the DisplayNet API Engine, which supports the use of DisplayNet Manager®, a web-based software application for system setup and configuration. DisplayNet Manager includes powerful tools to route signals, configure device settings, build Video Wall configurations, construct MultiViewer layouts and configurations, perform EDID Management, generate and save Scripts and Presets, as well as view and test DisplayNet API commands. Both DisplayNet Manager and the DisplayNet API include rapid application deployment features that are designed to facilitate the use of third-party control systems and enable DisplayNet to be quickly and easily integrated into a wide range of professional AV applications and workflows.

DisplayNet API™

DisplayNet API Code

Integrate DisplayNet with Any Third-Party Control System.

DisplayNet Manager is built on the DisplayNet API, which enables complete control and automation of the DisplayNet system. The Console tab allows integrators and system programmers to view the commands sent to the DisplayNet API from DisplayNet Manager, offering an interactive development environment for system programming. The DisplayNet API is accessible via telnet, for maximum compatibility with third-party control systems.This approach allows DisplayNet systems to be quickly and easily be integrated into existing control systems and workflows.

System Management Diagram

DisplayNet System Management Diagram