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What if you could leverage the power of the network for all your AV systems? What if you could do that without compromising image quality or signal latency? What if you could use a single platform for all your AV needs: Matrix Switching, Video Wall Processing, MultiViewing, Point-to-Point Extension, Resolutions up to 4K, and Scaling? Now, you can. Do it all with DisplayNet.

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AV Distribution with
Zero Compromise,
Infinite Possibilities.

DisplayNet is an award-winning product family for AV distribution that leverages proven 10GbE Ethernet technology to switch, extend and distribute uncompressed AV signals in real-time with resolutions up to 4K (UHD). DisplayNet is built on SDVoE technology and provides unmatched image quality with zero frame latency, zero compression*, and zero artifacts.

* For resolutions of up to 4k/30p
AV Evolution





Matrix Switchers
  • Check Zero compression
  • Check Zero image artifacts
  • Check Zero frame latency
  • Warning Proprietary
  • Warning Expensive Switches
  • Warning Not flexible
  • Warning Not scalable
AV Matrix Switcher
Compressed Video-over-IP
  • Warning Heavy compression
  • Warning Image degradation
  • Warning Lots of latency
  • Check Open Platform
  • Check Cost-Effective Switches
  • Check Extremely Flexible
  • Check Infinitely Scalable
Compressed AV-over-IP Compressed AV-over-IP
DisplayNet DN-100 Series
  • Check Zero compression
  • Check Zero image artifacts
  • Check Zero frame latency
  • Check Open Platform
  • Check Cost-Effective Switches
  • Check Extremely Flexible
  • Check Infinitely Scalable
DN-100 Series DisplayNet N-AV Icon
DisplayNet DN-200 Series
  • Check Zero compression
  • Check Zero image artifacts
  • Check Zero frame latency
  • Check Open Platform
  • Check Cost-Effective Switches
  • Check Extremely Flexible
  • Check Infinitely Scalable
  • Check HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, DP 1.2, USB 2.0
  • Check Scaling, Fast Switching, Video Wall, MultiViewer
  • And more...
  • Check HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, DP 1.2
  • Check High Speed USB 2.0
  • Check 4K /60p (4:4:4) and 4K /60p HDR
  • Check Scaling and Fast Switching
  • Check Matrix, Video Wall, and MultiViewing
  • Check Fiber or Copper Transport
  • Check Powerful API and Software
DN-200 Series DisplayNet N-AV Icon

What the Industry is Saying

The DisplayNet DN-225 won Best of Show at ISE 2020. Designed to recognize achievement in product innovation, the awards take into account quality and relevance of the product; design and build quality; innovation in concept/design/delivery; technical excellence; cost- effectiveness; game-changing ability.

- Installation Magazine (ISE 2020)

ISE 2020 Best of Show Awards

The staff at Systems Contractor News has chosen the DisplayNet DN-150 Series as one of the most impactful pro AV products of 2019.

- SCN Magazine (November 2019)

2019 SCN Product of the Year

The DisplayNet DN-150 Series has been selected by our panel of judges as a Future PLC Best of Show winner for InfoComm 2019.

- S&VC Magazine (InfoComm 2019)

InfoComm Winner Badge

Named One of 2017’s Most Influential Innovations
"2017 was a killer year for professional AV. With the influx of IoT, experiential design, and networked everything, the audiovisual game is changing. [The] 2017 Products of the Year showcases the new and innovative technologies that are redefining the AV industry."

- SCN Magazine (November 2017)


"It’s tough to pick out the best and the brightest from the thousands of products and hundreds of exhibitors … But after much consideration, our entire team picked what we thought were the best things on the show floor."

- rAVe Pubs (InfoComm 2017)


"Boasting high-speed USB 2.0 connections as well as HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2, the DisplayNet DN-200 series is super-scalable and super-powerful, supporting real-time resolutions up to 4K. The internal scaling in the Tx and Rx allows for very robust videowall applications and also multiviewer applications."

- Installation Magazine (ISE 2017)


"2016 was another memorable year for the development of professional audiovisual technology. [These products] helped propel the industry forward this past year."

- SCN Magazine (November 2016)


"this is a comprehensive re-imagining of AV distribution that anticipates the continued rise of 10GbE and the fall of hard-iron matrix switches."

- S&VC Magazine (InfoComm 2016)


"By leveraging DisplayNet to distribute AV using 10GbE Ethernet technology, DVIGear is providing integrators with high-performance solutions for their customers' increasing and varying content distribution needs."

- Commercial Integrator Magazine (CI BEST Product Award 2016)


"A true award winner. This is cost effective, functional AV distribution that resides on the IT network providing great control and scalability."

- Installation Magazine (ISE 2016)


"DisplayNet overcomes the limitations of proprietary matrix switchers by using off-the-shelf 10GbE Ethernet technology to deliver uncompressed 4K video with zero frame latency."

- AV Technology Magazine (ISE 2016)


"The DisplayNet solution from DVIGear allows distribute uncompressed 4K video signals long distances without compromising signal integrity. This is a true AV/IT convergence product."

- rAVe Pubs (InfoComm 2015)


"The system array is limited only by the number of installed endpoints and size (ports) of 10GbE switch, and supports a diverse range of applications."

- S&VC Magazine (InfoComm 2015)


"A video distribution platform that appears to hit a sweet spot between cost and performance for applications requiring video selection and distribution."

- AV Technology Magazine (InfoComm 2015)


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