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These electronic devices enable the connection of multiple PC and HDTV sources to one or more displays. Our switchers use fast, state-of-the-art digital signal switching and are rugged, reliable and extremely easy to use. Our switcher can be controlled using a front panel input selector, or via a convenient IR remote control; other advanced models provide switching via an RS232 serial control port. For more complex switchers with multiple inputs and outputs, please visit our Matrix Routing Switchers page.

Universal Presentation Switcher / ScalerDVI-3571a
The DVI-3571a is a universal presentation switcher / scaler ideally suited for conference rooms, training facilities, auditoriums, and other presentation applications. more details >
Price: $995.00

HDMI 2x1 SwitcherDVI-4521b
The DVI-4521b is a high performance digital switcher with two (2) HDMI inputs and one (1) HDMI output. more details >
Price: $145.00

HDMI 4x1 SwitcherDVI-4541b
The DVI-4541b is a high performance digital switcher with four (4) HDMI inputs and one (1) HDMI output. more details >
Price: $195.00

HDMI 4x4 SwitcherDVI-4544b
The DVI-4544b is a high-performance 4x4 non-blocking matrix switcher with four (4) HDMI inputs and four (4) fully independent, re-clocked HDMI outputs. more details >
Price: $1,295.00

DVI + HDCP 4x1 SwitcherDVI-4141b
The DVI-4141b is a high-performance, HDCP compliant DVI Switcher that provides four (4) DVI inputs and one (1) DVI output. This unit is ideal for a broad range of PC and HDTV applications. more details >
Price: $349.00

Switcher IR Remote ReceiverDVI-4101
The DVI-4101 is an IR Remote Receiver unit designed for use with DVIGearís 4100 and 4500 Series switchers. It allows the IR Receiver to be located up to 75 ft. away from the other switcher. more details >
Price: $29.95