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DisplayPort High Resolution™ Copper Cables
DisplayPort High Resolution™ Copper Cables
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Superior Performance — DVIGear's High Resolution™ (HR™) DisplayPort cables are engineered for unsurpassed performance and reliability in mission critical applications.  These cables are designed to transport high speed digital DisplayPort signals with bit rates up to 21.6 Gbps. over long distances while maintaining pristine signal integrity.

High-Speed Signals — Long distance transport of high resolution DisplayPort signals over copper cables must overcome several challenges, such as insertion loss, differential skew and jitter.  Insertion loss is caused by cable capacitance, which acts as a low-pass filter, blocking higher frequency signal components from passing.  Skew occurs when the differential DisplayPort signals get delayed and become out of phase as they pass over a long cable.  Both factors contribute to increased digital jitter, which degrades the performance of the cable.  This jitter becomes more severe with higher resolutions, higher bit rates and longer cable distances.  Conventional cables that support lower resolutions at short distances are often unable to support the data rates required by higher resolutions at longer distances.  The resulting video can be disrupted by visual artifacts or may not be visible at all.

Advanced Design — Built to overcome these challenges, DVIGear's HR™ Series DisplayPort Cables are constructed using heavy gauge 24AWG copper wires that provide superior ruggedness and durability.  The heavier wire gauge has increased cross-sectional cable area and decreased cable capacitance, which allows signals with higher data rates to pass with minimal jitter.  This enables cable lengths of up to 15 meters (~ 50 ft.) with full compliance with DisplayPort 1.2 signal parameters.

Key Features:

  • Supports resolutions up to 4096x2160 / 60p
  • Supports cable lengths up to 15 m (~ 50 ft.) (1)
  • Supports DisplayPort data rates up to 21.6 Gpbs.
  • Heavy-duty 24AWG copper wires provide minimal insertion loss
  • Ultra-low Skew guarantees unsurpassed digital fidelity
  • Triple shielded for superior noise immunity
  • Gold flash plated connectors provide superior conductivity
  • Locking connector mechanism for added security

Note 1:   For longer lengths, please use our HyperLight mDP-AOC cables..

Cable Length Selector

Model Number Product Description Price Qty.
DVI-26005-HR Cable DisplayPort HR 24AWG, 0.5 meter  (1.6 ft.)

DVI-2601-HR Cable DisplayPort HR 24AWG, 1 meter  (3.3 ft.)

DVI-2602-HR Cable DisplayPort HR 24AWG, 2 meters  (6.6 ft.)
DVI-2603-HR Cable DisplayPort HR 24AWG, 3 meters  (9.8 ft.) $80.00
DVI-2605-HR Cable DisplayPort HR 24AWG, 5 meters  (16.4 ft.)

DVI-2607-HR Cable DisplayPort HR 24AWG, 7.5 meters  (24.6 ft.)

DVI-2610-HR Cable DisplayPort HR 24AWG, 10 meters  (32.8 ft.)

DVI-2612-HR Cable DisplayPort HR 24AWG, 12.5 meters  (41.0 ft.)

DVI-2615-HR Cable DisplayPort HR 24AWG, 15 meters  (49.2 ft.)

Note 1:   For longer lengths, please use our HyperLight mDP-AOC cables.

Note 2:   This product is End of Life and is no longer available.

Product Designation DP HR™
Product Description 24AWG DisplayPort Cables
Input / Output Connectors 20-pin DisplayPort Male Connectors with locking mechanism
Contacts 20 pins, 30μ Gold Plated, long life design
Shell Gold Flash Plated
Standards Compliance DisplayPort 1.2
Maximum Pixel Clock Frequency 540 MHz - up to 15 meters
270 MHz - up to 30 meters
Maximum Bit Rate (per Channel) 5.4 Gbps - up to 15 meters
2.7 Gbps - up to 30 meters
Maximum Bit Rate (Aggregate) 21.6 Gbps - up to 15 meters
10.8 Gbps - up to 30 meters
Maximum Resolution 4096x2160 /60p - up to 15 meters
4096x2160 /30p - up to 30 meters
Cable Equalization The DisplayPort source and display must support Link Training to achieve maximum cable lengths specified.
Typical Parametric Data
Voltage Rating 75 V
Differential Impedance 100 ohms ± 5%
Insertion Loss (SDD21) < 7.5 dB @ 825 MHz with 10 meter cable
Intra-pair Skew < 1.5 nsec (from 250 MHz - 2.5 GHz) with 10 meter cable
Inter-pair Skew < 100 psec (from 250 MHz - 2.5 GHz) with 10 meter cable
Far End Crosstalk (FEXT) < -5 dB
Propagation Delay 4.55 nsec/meter
Cable Lengths
Available Cable Lengths (meters) (1) 0.5,  1,  2,  3,  5,  7.5,  10,  12.5,  15
Available Cable Lengths (ft.) (1) 1.6,  3.3,  6.6,  9.8,  16.4,  24.6,  32.8,  41.0,  49.2
Maximum Cable Length (1) 15 meters (49.2 ft.)
Construction 19 Conductor Cable with 5x high speed twisted pairs
High Speed Conductors 24AWG, FM-PE+SKIN Construction
Shielding Triple Shielding
Jacket Material / Color PVC / Metallic Copper (Pantone 8560C)
Outside Diameter 10.5 ± 0.20 mm
Minimum Bend Radius 40.0 mm
Operating Temperature -13° to 140° F (-25° to 60° C)
Storage Temperature -40° to 167° F (-40° to 75° C)
Humidity (storage / operating) 10% to 90% (non-condensing)
Regulatory Approvals
Compliance UL13 (CL2)
UL758 (AWM20276)
UL File Numbers AVLV2.E245407
Limited Warranty 3 Years
Accessories Included

Note 1: For longer lengths, please use our HyperLight mDP-AOC cables.

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DisplayPort Female to Mini-DisplayPort Male Adapter Cable

The DVI-8610a Adapter Cable allows the connection of the DisplayPort v1.2 Copper Cable to a Mini-DisplayPort device.
Price: $19.95