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Format Converters

These products are similar to Converter / Scalers with the exception that they do not have a built-in scaling engine. Therefore resolution of the Output signal is always the same as the resolution of the input signal. These products are especially useful for interconnecting sources and displays that cannot be linked by means of a simple adapter.

HDTV to HDMI ConverterDVI-3530a
This product converts analog component video signals (YPbPr or YCbCr) to a digital HDMI output. more details >
Price: $249.00

DVI + Digital Audio to HDMI ConverterDVI-3150a
This unit accepts a DVI and a digital audio (S/PDIF) input signal and converts them to an HDMI output signal with embedded digital audio. more details >
Price: $249.00

HDMI to DVI + Digital Audio ConverterDVI-3510a
This unit accepts an HDMI input signal and converts it to a DVI output with a de-embedded digital audio (S/PDIF) output signal. more details >
Price: $249.00

VGA / HDTV to DVI ConverterDVI-3310b
This HDTV to DVI Converter accepts analog VGA or YPbPr analog component video inputs and provides a digital DVI output signal. more details >
Price: $249.00

DVI to VGA / HDTV ConverterDVI-3130b
This unit accepts digital DVI signals and converts them to analog VGA or YPbPr analog component video. more details >
Price: $249.00