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Some applications require a single PC or HDTV source to be routed to many displays.  DVIGear’s range of HDMI and DVI splitters (distribution amplifiers) deliver the perfect combination of high performance and ease-of-use.  A variety of models are available for PC and HDTV signal distribution applications.

In the digital world, the number one signal quality problem is excessive jitter.  Jitter can be caused by a wide range of factors and every component in the digital signal chain adds a certain amount of jitter to the signal.  In complex systems the resulting aggregate jitter can make the signal unusable.  To solve this problem, the digital signal must be fully "re-clocked" using a digital repeater.  These devices receive, de-serialize, buffer, re-serialize and then re-transmit the digital signal.  In doing so they can make a significant reduction in signal jitter and other degenerative effects intrinsic in long cables runs.  Repeaters can be used at the source side of long cable run to “clean-up” a noisy transmitter.  They can be used at the display side end of long cable, and they can be used in the middle of two long cables for increased range.  Unlike many competitive units, DVIGear’s range of DVI and HDMI Splitter / Repeaters fully re-clock the input signal, and offer independent re-clocked outputs.

Splitter / Repeaters