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Converter/Scalers provide two essential functions. First, they convert the input signal from one format to another (e.g. analog VGA to digital HDMI). Second, they allow the user to select the resolution of the output signal for display on a flat screen display or projection system. In many cases the quality of the output signal from our Converter/Scalers will be better than what is possible using a direct input on the display because of the price/performance limitations of consumer scaling engines.

Universal Presentation Switcher / ScalerDVI-3571a
The DVI-3571a is a universal presentation switcher / scaler ideally suited for conference rooms, training facilities, auditoriums, and other presentation applications. more details >
Price: $995.00

AV-PC to HDMI Converter / ScalerDVI-3531a
This AV-PC to HDMI Converter/Scaler is a highly versatile unit that provides IR remote control selection between three different input signal formats: DVI-D or HDMI, analog VGA and analog Component Video. The selected input signal is converted to a digital HDMI signal with embedded audio at a variety of PC and HDTV resolutions. more details >
Price: $595.00

Video to DVI Converter/Scaler DVI-3410a
The DVI-3410a is a compact, high performance Converter/Scaler that accepts Composite Video, S-Video or YCbCr Component Video signals and outputs a DVI signal at a variety of PC and HDTV resolutions. more details >
Price: $299.00