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Switcher IR Remote Receiver

Switcher IR Remote Receiver

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The DVI-4101 is an IR Remote Receiver unit designed for use with DVIGear’s 4100 and 4500 Series switchers. It is an ideal solution for applications where the switcher must be located in a remote area outside of the normal range of the unit’s IR Remote Control unit, e.g. equipment closet.

Thanks to its small profile and unobtrusive design, the DVI-4101 can be mounted in an inconspicuous location where it can receive commands from the switcher’s IR Remote Control unit. These commands are then sent to the switcher using a hardwired 3.5mm interconnection cable. (Note: When the DVI-4101 is used with the switcher, the switcher’s front panel IR Receiver is disabled.)

The DVI-4101 ships with a 6 ft. (1.8 meter) 3.5mm interconnection cable. Longer interconnection cables are available up to a maximum length of 75 ft. (22.7 meters).