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Video to VGA Converter/Scaler

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The DVI-3420a is a compact, high performance converter / scaler that accepts Composite video, S-Video or YCbCr Component Video signals and outputs a VGA signal at a variety of PC and HDTV resolutions and refresh rates. Simple push-button controls and an intuitive on-screen user interface provide control over all display parameters and output modes.

Key Features:

  • Compact, high performance Converter / Scaler
  • Converts Composite Video, S-Video or Component Video inputs to a VGA output
  • Advanced Scaling and deinterlacting functions
  • Supports worldwide video formats: NTSC 3.58/4.43, PAL, PAL M/N and SECAM
  • Supports PC resolutions up to UXGA; supports HDTV resolutions up to 1080p
  • 32 MB frame memory; frame rate conversion from 50-85 Hz
  • On-Screen Display for all setup adjustments
  • Locking DC power connector for added security
  • Heavy-duty metal case

    Output Resolutions and Formats:

    PC Resolutions Vertical Rate Format Scan Type
    VGA 640x480 50,60,72,75,85 Hz RGBHV Progressive
    SVGA 800x600 50,60,72,75,85 Hz RGBHV Progressive
    XGA 1024x768 50,60,72,75,85 Hz RGBHV Progressive
    WXGA 1280x768 50,60 Hz RGBHV Progressive
    SXGA 1280x1024 50,60,75 Hz RGBHV Progressive
    UXGA 1600x1200 60 Hz RGBHV Progressive
    HDTV Resolutions Vertical Rate Format Scan Type
    480p 720x480 50,60 Hz YPbPr, RGBHV Progressive
    576p 720x576 50,60 Hz YPbPr, RGBHV Progressive
    720p 1280x720 50,60 Hz YPbPr, RGBHV Progressive
    1080i(i) 1920x1080 50,60 Hz YPbPr, RGBHV Pseudo Interlaced
    1080p 1920x1080 50,60 Hz YPbPr, RGBHV Progressive
    Note 1 - the 1080i Output is actually a doubled 540p signal. It will appear as a 1080i on most displays; however, it is not a true 1080i signal format.


    Input Format Composite Video (NTSC, PAL, SECAM), S-Video or YCbCr
    Input Signal Composite Video: 1V p-p, 75Ω

    S-Video: Y = 1V p-p, 75Ω / C = 0.7 V p-p, 75

    Component Video: Y = 1V p-p, 75Ω / Cb, Cr = 0.7V p-p, 75

    Output Format RGBHV or YPbPr
    Output Signal RGBHV: 0.7 V p-p, 75Ω , H/V: 3 to 5 p-p TTL

    Y: 1 V p-p 75Ω , Pb/Cb, Pr/Cr: 0.7 V p-p 75

    Input Connector Type Composite Video RCA, S-Video 4 Pin DIN, YCbCr 8-pin mini-DIN
    Output Connector Type VGA (HD-15 pin) female
    Control Front Panel Buttons
    Information Display On-Screen Display
    Video Adjustments Brightness, Contrast, Color, H and V Position
    Weight 0.68 lbs / 308 grams (net weight) 2.25 lbs / 1 KG (shipping)
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 1.2" x 6.3" x 3.1" (31 x 161 x 78 mm)
    AC Power Adapter Input: 100~240VAC / 50-60Hz

    Output: 5VDC@2.0A